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Room Service

Keeping things fresh in the bedroom is a struggle every couple has to deal with in marriage! It’s time to serve up the ultimate sexy experience using a series of delectable menu options with:

Room Service!

Room Service is the sexy new digital product of 2 companion apps that will help you and your spouse mix things up time and time again in the bedroom! 

How it works:

  • Open your Room Service app (totally different than the one your sweetie will have on their phone!) and go to a “menu”. 
    • Unlike menus you’ve seen before, this menu will offer options such as: “Foreplay Fun” or “Position Play”; “Tame” or “Spicy”; and “Short and Sweet” or “Take Your Time”. 
  • You’ll take a screenshot of the “menu” you want to treat your spouse to tonight and send your sweetie a text asking for their answers. 
  • Once you get their “order” (their selections between a few options on a menu), you will enter your spouse’s options on your own app by tapping a few buttons, and VOILA! You will be served up the perfect steamy activity designed for exactly what your spouse is in the mood for!

The HIS Room Service app for the husband and the HERS Room Service for the wife are EACH filled with 25 unique foreplay and sexy ideas, games, and activities that will completely amp up your passion and fun in the bedroom.

Included in this Room Service purchase, you’ll get:

  • 2 Room Service apps (one for HIM and one for HER) 
  • Various “menus” on each app for your spouse to pick their preferences for the evening
  • After toggling through their preference choices, you’ll gain access to one of 50 total foreplay activities (25 on each spouse’s app). Here are just a few of the activities included:
    • Naked Charades
    • Frisky Fortune Cookie
    • Moonlight Dancing
    • Movie Make-out
    • Sexy This or That
    • Turn-on Treat
    • Blindfold ‘n Feed
    • Spicy Yoga Melt
    • … and FORTY MORE!
  • 2 complete digital dates (1 on each app) for when you are in the mood for a full date night
  • A Scavenger Hunt to perfectly gift this app to your sweetie through a series of clues, ending in a QR code that will take them to their app. 

This one purchase will completely change the passion you feel in the bedroom as you take turns initiating, surprising each other, and trying something new!

Both of these apps, including all 50 foreplay activities, 2 bonus dates, and the scavenger hunt will be yours for just $35. 

Click below and choose to invest in creating a better sex life with your spouse tonight!