Love Language Gift Basket: Service
Love Language Gift Basket: Service

Love Language Gift Basket: Service

For someone who prefers Acts of Service as their love style small, simple, and kind acts of service make them feel the most loved. Showering your sweetheart with pampering, spoiling, and help with household tasks will mean the most to them. If you don’t “speak” that love language, it may be hard to figure out what to do to fill their love tank! This gift idea helps you come up with a meaningful service-themed gift that will make your spouse feel the most loved, in the way they WANT to be loved! Gifting tasks, errands, and service can be a little abstract, but this kit will guide you to create a heartfelt gift that speaks to them!
Your Service gift basket includes:
  • Inspiration Page - Tips and ideas for loving your spouse and a list of items for what to include in your gift basket. 
  • A Card - a printable two-sided card with a message of love 
  • Customizable Basket Label - Add your loved one’s name using the free Adobe program to create a personalized gift basket for your sweetie  
  • Gift Tags - Six printable tags to attach to your gift basket items 
  • Date Night Activity - Gift your spouse a Service Menu in which they can fill out his or her service preferences. Then make sure you deliver the spoiling and help requested!
  • Customizable Gift Certificate - This kit includes everything you need to create a completely customizable gift certificate for the service your honey has been wanting and needing. Plus, there is also a cute little gift certificate holder to make the presentation even more special.
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