Lori Mercer- Keeping the Love Fires Burning While Apart

Lori Mercer- Keeping the Love Fires Burning While Apart

Keeping the Love Fires Burning While Apart

It’s so much easier these days to stay connected and keep those fires burning, even if you have to be apart from your spouse. You don’t have to become that freaky, untrusting partner who sends 297 texts a day!  All you need is a solid plan for communication while apart and a re-entry strategy to avoid the “Who are you and what did you do with spouse?” experience. Speaking as a wife who spends 12 nights apart from her husband a month, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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Lori Mercer is the Chief Fire Wife over at FirefighterWife.com, where their mission is to Strengthen Marriages and Encourage Fire Wives. Many firefighters are frequently away from their spouses overnight, doing crazy-scary acts of bravery and then come home exhausted and grouchy as a bear. It takes some special skills to master this kind of marriage and to connect with people who understand your crazy fire family schedule. Our goal is to do so with as many smiles as possible.

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