Love Email Club
Love Email Club

Love Email Club

Writing love letters is a fantastic way to express your feelings of love and appreciation for your sweetie. While a handwritten letter is meaningful and so romantic, typing is the fastest and easiest method of communication for most people. So, combine the best of both worlds and you get... the Love Email Club! Your spouse will look forward to checking their inbox like they never have before!

Here’s what included in this digital kit:

  1. Tips and Tricks – We’ll help you set up your email "club" and give you ideas for writing the best emails!
  2. Enrollment Kick Off Note  – The first graphic to email to your spouse explains the email club and what to expect from it!
  3. 52 Email Prompts– Funny, silly, heartfelt and romantic prompts to get the wheels turning for your electronic love letter writing.

We love about the Love Email Club because it is…

  • Convenient – This whole kit is meant to be used digitally so there are no extra printing costs or prep time!
  • Flexible – You can send these emails every week, every month, or whenever you want! You can use a laptop, tablet or phone- anything that send email! So many options!
  • Fun – Digital communication is extra fun because you can easily jazz up your emails with emojis, gifs, memes, videos, and photos.

The Love Email Club is the perfect way to start a fun correspondence with your spouse and send them your words of affirmation. This is especially great for long distance couples, but it’s just as fun when you live together too! Reading a fun email from your sweetie at work or even with them right next to you will bring you closer together.


This is a digital product.

Nothing will be mailed to you.

No refunds.