Progressive Dinner
Progressive Dinner
Progressive Dinner
Progressive Dinner
Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner

Grab your passports and prepare to travel the world!

Need a fun idea for your next group date night? Make it a Travel-Themed Progressive Dinner Party!! If you love to travel and enjoy different cultures, get out with friends and eat good food, this is the date for you! It’s always fun to go out, but sometimes it can be a little expensive. Staying home can make for a more relaxed environment to enjoy spending time with your couple friends. This is such a unique group date night that lets you travel around the world in one night (without breaking the bank)!

This Kit Includes:

  • 5 different country ideas for your dinner
  • Ideas for decorating based on the culture
  • Activities for each country (so that you can organize a little entertainment while you’re waiting for the next course!)
  • 3 recipes for each country, one appetizer, main dish and dessert!

Here a few possible options of how to use this group date pack:

  • Option 1: Each couple can use one of the five country ideas included with these printables OR choose their own country.
  • Option 2: Each course can be served in three different homes and after each course, you can travel to a different home. If you choose to do this, then couples will need to decorate and prep as much food as possible before date night so that when serving time comes around there isn’t a long prep period.
  • Option 3: Come together for date night and cook in the same kitchen. This could get really messy, but you’ll be able to enjoy everyone’s company while you work! The second option will need a little intermission after each course so you can clean up a bit and decorate for your next stop.
  • Option 4: Turn this progressive dinner into a month of travel-themed dinner parties with your spouse and visit one country a week. You could even make this into a family date night activity and learn about different countries together!


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