Star Projector

Star Projector

Diva Deal Drop

Set the MOOD for your next date night or bedroom time with your babe! 

Introducing the deal of the week… a romantic Star Projector! 

The perfect indoor stars for the perfect intimate setting. 

AND we have the PERFECT Free Stargazing date night to pair with this! 

Supplies are limited! Don’t miss out!


  • Projector - This is a light projector that has laser lights that look like stars, 4 background color options (red, green, blue, and white), 2 background fading presets, and speed control options. The project is also a bluetooth speaker. It also has a USB port to directly connect to a phone. The projector is powered via a micro USB cable which is included. 
  • Remote - This remote allows the ability to change the colors and laser options of the projector. It includes volume control, as well as color changing options, fading options, speed options, and brightness options. The projector also has the ability to sync to sounds and music using the microphone feature on the remote. There is a  1 hour or 2 hour timer feature that will shut off the device after that amount of time.  The remote requires 2 AAA batteries. 
  • Micro USB Cable - The cable is included. The power block is not. 

Material Info: The project is made from plastic ABS with rubber coating.

Only 100 sets are available.

No returns or refunds*.

*Exchanges are available only for items that arrive damaged

PRICE: Just $20!