Love You All Night
Love You All Night
Love You All Night
Love You All Night
Love You All Night
Love You All Night
Love You All Night

Love You All Night

A Sexy Escape Room for Two

Experiencing ADVENTURE with your partner is proven to improve connection and intimacy! Challenge your sweetie to this Sexy Escape Room for two and watch your flirty sparks fly as you exercise your imagination and work together to solve clues!

Sexy Escape Room Plot: You’ve invited your sweetie to join you for a romantic night at your fantasy destination: the Château Boudoir. The invitation you left your sweetie has instructed them to meet you at the front desk (your first “room” of the evening!).  Find the pre-hidden envelopes located in each “room” or playing space containing the clues and puzzles you need to guide you through each hotel room until you finally reach the right room… YOUR room… the bedroom.  The materials you’ve gathered along the way will be quite helpful once you reach your fantasy suite.  You’ll know what to do. {wink!}

Time It Takes to Escape: 1-2 hours

Included in this Sexy Escape Room purchase, you’ll get:

  • 1 invitation for your sweetie.
  • 9 easy-to-cut Tri-Fold Envelopes for all 9 “hotel room” destinations.
  • Supplies, clues, and puzzles to place in each envelope labeled per room.

How It Works:

  • Open the email you receive after purchase and download your printables for your sexy Escape Room adventure!
  • Print your supplies & make a few easy cuts to prepare your Envelopes, Puzzles, & Clues.
  • Use the chart provided in your download materials to guide your placement of each envelope through-out your home or playing space.
  • Charge your cell-phone. Throughout the game you will be given QR codes to scan using your cell-phone camera. These codes will provide secret clues and hints to ensure you are on the right path!

This sexy and adventurous at-home Escape Room will be yours for $15. 

Click below and choose to invest in your marriage by creating a sense of ADVENTURE today!

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Nothing will be mailed to you.
No refunds.