10 Minute Marriage Challenge FOR HER

10 Minute Marriage Challenge FOR HER

U.S. and Canada Only

A weekly text service for wives.
Receive 3 weekly texts each month for three months

  • Every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY you will complete a simple, thoughtful, and loving challenge for your husband. 
  • These challenges will be texted to you the night before, take 10 minutes or less and are guaranteed to make your husband feel totally loved. After all, our husbands helped create this and we got the “inside scoop” on what men really love and desire from their wife.
  • In addition, every other MONDAY you will also automatically receive a bonus text with a date idea so you can get planning for Friday night date night!
If you are a wife looking for a sure-fire way to make your man feel loved... THIS is how you do it. It's the little things, done regularly, that show him you care! You simply can't afford to NOT do this challenge. 

    Due to the nature of the text messaging service, all sales are final.