“52 Reasons I Love You” Cards

“52 Reasons I Love You” Cards

Ready to be a Pinterest Wife without the effort? We’ve made this popular gift idea using a deck of cards AS EASY AS POSSIBLE! Put away that modge podge and get ready to wow your spouse! This totally customized deck of cards is the perfect way to give a meaningful gift to your sweetheart. Just grab a sharpie or pen, and get ready to make your spouse feel like a million bucks!

Here’s what’s included in this kit:

  • 52 Reasons Why I Love You - Deck of Cards “It’s Time to Appreciate You”
  • Printed Card BONUS PDF with Writing Prompts (Digital File)

Shipping to U.S. Residents ONLY

*May take 5-8 days to ship*

IMPORTANT: This is a physical product that also includes a digital file for the Writing Prompts. 

IMPORTANT: All sales are final. These are part of a sale and only available “while supplies” last. We will not accommodate refunds or exchanges on this product.