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Does getting out of your usual bedroom routine sound like the perfect gift for romantic gift this year?!

What if you could have your own collection of detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to cook up a sexy new bedroom experience, without all of the awkward or crass internet search results?!

Give the gift of a unique, passionate, and steamy sex life with:


[sexy + recipes]

Turn up the heat in the bedroom!

We’ve gathered our 52 sauciest, secret experience-based “recipes” that will walk you through hot new ideas you’ve never tried before in the bedroom. This will add all the spice and variety you’ve been longing for!

These 52 “recipes”, one for each week of the year, are split into 26 for HIM to take charge, and 26 for HER to be in control. 

When the mood strikes, choose who is going to be taking the lead. That person will browse through your “recipe book” to find just the right activity for the evening! On the outside of each recipe, you’ll be able to see:

  • Prep time
  • Category
  • The cost (if any)
  • Location
  • And even the heat level!

    Once the decision has been made, the “chef” in charge will un-seal the secret recipe and follow the specific directions, while your sweetie is dying to know what you have up your sleeve!

    There are even places for you to write down notes and “rate” each activity after you’ve tried it as a couple - so you know EXACTLY which ones you’ll want to return to for second helpings. ;)

    Give your spouse the hottest gift this year by choosing to take your sex life to the next level with these specific, steamy (yet classy) directions for the bedroom. 

    Take turns taking control, building suspense, and then turning up the heat with SEXIPES!

    *ATTENTION: This is a physical book. It will be shipped to you.

    The SEXIPES [sexy + recipes] book is available for $40, LESS THAN $1 per unique “recipe”! 

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