Sexy Sweetheart Set
Sexy Sweetheart Set
Sexy Sweetheart Set
Sexy Sweetheart Set
Sexy Sweetheart Set
Sexy Sweetheart Set
Sexy Sweetheart Set


Sexy Sweetheart Set

Valentine’s Day Bedroom Box

Have you heard what all the BUZZ is about?

Prioritize your lover’s pleasure this Valentine’s Day with a sexy bedroom box!

A sleek and classy Valentine’s Day gift that both of you will enjoy!

HIS & HERS sex toys to be used TOGETHER with APP CONTROL…

The steamy combination of two Diva-customized sex toys is perfect for any couple desiring mutual, playful, passionate, connection-based pleasure.

The Valentine’s Day vibes are STRONG with these! {WINK!}


    • 1 Panty Bullet for HER - small black vibrator complete with magnetic keep-in-place technology
    • 1 Vibrating Ring for HIM - black vibrating ring designed for his and her stimulation
    • Sleek storage bags for both products
    • Access to a secure, encrypted app for each toy
    • HIS and HERS charging cables
    • Informational pamphlet for tips, tricks, & bedroom benefits

App Info: Each toy in this sexy set is controlled via app or manually by your spouse! This feature allows the wife to control the vibration and pattern of the husband’s, and vice-versa. You can even create your own vibration playlists!

Material Info: Each vibrator is made of liquid platinum silicone, which is extremely soft, flexible, and skin-friendly. Enjoy these products with water-based lubricants. 

NOTE: While they are water-proof, we do NOT recommend submerging products in a tub or pool. 

Turn the lights OFF, turn these new sensations ON!

**Order by February 4th for delivery before Valentine’s Day!

PRICE: On SALE for just $125!