Year of Movie Date Nights
Year of Movie Date Nights
Year of Movie Date Nights

Year of Movie Date Nights

12 cinema themed dates for each month of the year!

Movie night is either the best or the worst, am I right? Sometimes it can feel so great to relax with your sweetie at the end of a long week, watching that movie you’ve been dying to see – of course, with a cozy blanket and big bowl of popcorn! Other times, it can feel like the last resort when the date night plans fall through—it takes forever to choose the movie, and you end up falling asleep halfway through anyway. If you could, you’d ALWAYS take the special, fun version of movie night, right? Obviously!!

This is a series of 12 dates, giving you tons of fun ways to take your movie night to the next level. Choose from romantic and funny activities, sexy ideas, a few treats and a big list of movie titles to help make the movie-picking easier. Each of these 12 date night movie ideas are based on a specific genre, so throughout the year, you’ll make sure to see a variety of films to appease BOTH of your tastes. You can even wrap it up into an adorable movie gift basket to give to your spouse or another lucky couple!!

This fantastic Date Night Kit Includes:

  • Movie Date Gift Basket Packaging – Everything needed to wrap all 12 dates up for a darling gift, either for your spouse or another couple.
  • Love Concessions & Home Theater Printables – Create your own cinema atmosphere with a concessions stand and fun theater-themed printables.
  • 12 Movie Genre-themed Dates – A date night for almost every type of movie out there including: 
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Animation
  • Romance
  • Documentary
  • Black and White
  • Sport
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Scary
The best part about these dates is that they’re so easy to pull off! No need for a babysitter, just put the kids to bed early and enjoy a romantic and fun date night on the comfort of your couch!


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