Sex Positions Pillow
Sex Positions Pillow
Sex Positions Pillow

Sex Positions Pillow

This heart shaped pillow will make more than your heart throb. {WINK!} 

The kids will NEVER know this adorable piece of bedroom decor serves a second, sexy purpose.

Firm, strategically shaped, and super-soft – this pillow will transform your bedroom game!

Your lover's repertoire just got larger with new positions, new comfort, and new climactic highs.

But…if you’ve never searched the internet for a pillow like this, we’ll just spare you the agony. They’re normally EXPENSIVE.

Which is why you should grab this Diva discount TODAY before our stock runs low.

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  • Sex Position Pillow - This is a black heart pillow used to help facilitate increased pleasure during sex by helping change the angle of different positions. The pillow can be used to help a couple try new positions that better allow for g-spot stimulation. The heart pillow is very cute with a discrete design and can be used as an accent pillow. 

Sizing Info: 19 x 13 inches

Material Info: The removable outside case of the pillow is made from cotton fiber and  is machine washable. The inside pillow is a singular sponge material. The center diameter of the heart is 19 inches high. The diameter of the largest sides of the heart is 13 inches wide. The pillow arrives compressed to help save on shipping costs. After removing the plastic, the pillow will expand to its full size.

No returns or refunds*.

*Exchanges are available only for items that arrive damaged

PRICE: Just $65!